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Doing the Snoopy dance!


May 30th, 2009 Posted 17:20

My laptop issues have been solved!!!!!!111 Eleventy!1!11!1111

It’s back! OMG, you don’t know how much I missed it.

The screen is so beautiful. I can actually type without having to go back and correct every word for a spelling error because of the keyboard differences. I’m much more creative on my laptop, and I can take it with me so I can work when I’m not busy. Yea! YAY! HOO-YAH!

(/me doing various muscle poses)

And the best thing? My music is back. (sigh)


In other, more somber, news – Sephrena Miller at BC:TS is having major heath issues, so keep her in your prayers if you would be so kind.  She’s looking for a trainee for admin., her replacement. I’d volunteer seeing as I have almost all of the qualifications, but one.

I’ve been told on occasion that I am (get this) abrassive.  (snicker) Me. Queen of , “lets all calm down and take a chill pill or I’ll kick your ass out.”

My problem is when someone is an idiot, I don’t put up with it. I’ve been a mod at a few boards and I’d ban them in a second if they were an ass. Temporary ban of course to let them learn their lesson or not come back.

I don’t put up with posturing either. So that would probably be a bad thing at BC.

Meh. I hope that they find someone they like, either way.

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Ares Bane: an explanation


May 30th, 2009 Posted 09:03

Writing on “Ares Bane: Nemesis” has been different that my normal writing style.

I used to get an idea and just run with it which resulted in a lot of failed stories and impossible plot threads.

So I switched to hard outlines. plotting each chapter and scene from begining to end. It helped me complete stories and actually improved my writing skills, overall.

Now, with Ares Bane: Nemesis (formally knows as Untitled Amazon story), I am shaking things up again.  I have a bulliten board above my desk that have a number of post-its spread around with sub-plots, ideas, characters, etc.

I know exactly where I want to go with the story, beginning, middle, and end, but instead of the hard outline I’m writing freestyle to whereever my mind takes me.

This, of course, leads me to having an extra draft copy where I have to go back and insert scenes to smooth things out, but I’m having a little more fun with my writing than I did before. So we’ll see where it leads.

I’ve recieved some interesting reviews at BC:TS on this first part. So far, none of them negative, which is weird. There is usually someone telling me that I misspelled a words or homonyed a word. However I did go back for another round of editiing after it was posted, so maybe I got the majority of the mistakes.

I’m really trying to take my time with this story. Seeing as I was aiming for 10,000 words and wound up with almost 14,000 I guess you can see how that’s worked out. It’s a good thing.

One thing I was uncertain about doing was killing off Tris (mom) early on in the story. I didn’t want to drag it out with scene after scene bonding the two together, so I made the scenes of them intereacting with a little more emotion than normal, and made her death scene someonewhat grotesque.

We’ll see if I can make it work properly in the second part.
Well, off to work!

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May 26th, 2009 Posted 16:11

After starting a new author’s blog, I seemed to have forgotten the cardinal rule of being an author: Offering insight.

So, if any of you out there have any question regarding writing, ideas, whatever (it doesn’t even have to have anything to do with writing) then feel free to ask.

But like the genie, be careful of what you ask. You may not want the answer. I’ll always tell the truth or decline answering for personal reasons. I mean I’m not releasing my actual name and address, stuff like that.

The reason I do this is because I used to like the Author chats over on FM and Crystal’s, when they did them. They were always interesting and well attended. I don’t know why they quit having them.


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Progress Report


May 26th, 2009 Posted 11:51

FQ (P3): 4000 words (approx 40000 long)

Do it Right: 2500 (Approx 6000)

Transpires: 0

Untitled Amazon story: 7800 (10000)

Just a little update to tell you where I’m at for the moment.

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My head feels like a rushing stream


May 22nd, 2009 Posted 13:51

… with a bunch of ideas spawning like little salmon.

Amazon tale – (loosly based on Wonder Woman): I had an idea … blame my dreams and Morpheus’ Lecacy Series.  I read them all recently and wanted to do a super-hero story, but not really super heroish.

Plot: young crossdresser (15-16) is coming to terms that he will never be able to pass as a girl. He’s too athletic and puberty has hit him way too hard. He gives up on his dream/fantasy of transitioning. Then his absentee mom shows up, out of the blue, and tells him why she left.

She left him with his father to raise so that she could …i don’t know… do battle with the forces of evil as the only living Amazon left. Something along those lines.

Badda-Bing (insert plot) Something trails her to the boy’s home,  mortally wonding mom. She has no choice but to pass her Amazonian heritage to her son.  But he has to accept, willingly.

Maybe not have him be a CD ot even TG. Give the story a little angst at that point. May be better with a little conflict.

Perhaps have him be an up and coming sports  star on the High School team.


Maybe have him in the FQ Universe and have him … whoops, almost let loose with the plot for the next FQ story. Sorry. Heh Heh

What do you think? Ideas, additions?

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May 20th, 2009 Posted 15:43

Hi guys and gals!
As you might remember I have been having computer issues. My laptop died and I am on a really old Compaq (Pentium III)!!!
So, it’s back up again… for now, and I can continue working.


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Ideas are spawning!


May 8th, 2009 Posted 16:55

Where do I get my ideas? *shrug* I’m just naturally gifted like that.

What? It could happen.

I get all of my ideas from Maggie Finson.  Okay, two of my ideas are from Maggie.

Transpires and Faerie Queen. Thank her nicely now.

Ever since I read her first Heaven and Hell story I wanted to do a demon one as well, but since the Succubus has been taken there are very few female demons unless I want to be very general and say a shape shifting demon.

I might do something with Lilith… I know, original, amiright?

I’ll probably wait until Half-Lilin is over though. I don’t want to step on that author’s toes. So you’re safe from seeing me add on yet another story to my list.  Well, that and I have yet to write any notes on an actual plot.

I do know that I want it to be evil. Definitely an anti-hero type story.

Maybe you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s “Payback”. the guy in there as not a nice guy.  Beats the crap out of people, steals, etc. But he has his own demented code of honor. that’s what I’m going to shoot for. Maybe a little bit more evil than that.

Someone that, i dunno, sucks the souls out of people to stay alive, or gets people to commit sin so that they go to hell when they die. She wouldn’t feel any remorse about doing her job or eating souls. it just is.

Okay, now trhat I’ve gotten that off my chest…

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Old Stories


May 7th, 2009 Posted 19:19

I’m starting to pull some of my older stories out of the closet. The finished ones from back in the  stone age of  TG Fiction. I’ll release them over the next few days.

First up was Resident ShEvil which is going to shift over into the Transpires universe. It’s already posted at BCTS

Tomorrow will be The Exception to the Rule – Another Fan Fiction from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Universe that I might shift into the Transpires universe. I don’t know as of yet.

Third, will be Man Enough to be my Girl – An X-Men Evolution Fan fic. It’s a cutsie formumatic fic.

Past that I really don’t have anything else that I am half-way proud of.  Several unfinshed stopries that I grew very bored with and had no desire to finish.

That should keep the wolves at bay while I write something on Transpires or Do it Right.

Do it right only has a couple of chapters left, one or two. Depeneds on if just one sounds rushed or not.  If it does than I’ll stretch it out to two.

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May 6th, 2009 Posted 11:07

The Poseidon Adventure took off like gangbusters. Something like 20 comments overnight. I don’t know if that has to do with it being a new story…me finally earning my way as a decent author (so people check out my stuff now instead of saying, ‘maybe later, if there’s nothing else to read.’ Or that the subject matter was just spot on.
Who really cares. I’m writing stuff that people obviously want to read now., and they are reading it.  That’s the joy that authors seek. There’s nothing like knowing that people want to read what dribbles out of my mind.

Thanks again guys and girls for taking the time to comment, vote, and PM me. It truly makes my day!

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May 5th, 2009 Posted 20:14


The Poseidon Adventure is finished and is posted at BC:TS for your viewing pleasure. Now that that’s done I can concentrate on my current stories.


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