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June 27th, 2009 Posted 07:45

The last couple of days have been very blech. Every time I go to sit down and get to work on a story, I get interrupted, or a thunderstorm rolls in, or I get distracted, and I haven’t written anything. During down time I even work on upcoming stories: plotting, surfing for someting inspirational, etc.

I’m not even doing that.

I need something cleansing to wipe the palate clear. I tried a few stories, but I tend to gravitate to novel length tales and there aren’t that many in the works. Maybe I need to go out and buy a book or something.

In other words, blech.

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The Embarrassed Dead Guy Story


June 22nd, 2009 Posted 07:58

Since I’ve received a number of requests for information about the plot line of this story, here you go.

A boy 17ish dies in a really improbable and embarrassing way.  After a death transition scene he encounters Nyx, the primordial goddess of night. In a cave-like chamber sitting beside a young girl 16-20 who is kneeling and seemingly in a trance as she is closed-eyed staring at the ceiling of the cave.

It turns out that the girl is Death/The Grim Reaper/The Angel of Death(Whatever you want to call her) Nyx’s child. (In Greek Mythology, Thanatos(Death) is the child of Nyx.

It seems that Death has checked out and is no longer in his/her body. Nyx doesn’t know what happened because whatever occurred during the daytime when she was covering another part of the Earth.  Her life force/soul/whatever might have stolen or trapped somewhere. Mystery started.

Backstory: Death’s existence is all it takes for a death to occour. The only time Death has to take a personal interest in a death is when magic is involved. (i.e. When someone trys to cheat Death and remain immortal, or extend their life well beyond the natural. Death will not be denied. OR. When a young life has been terminated prematurely via magic.)

So, while people continue to die normally there are others that are literally getting away with murder while Death is missing.

Plot: Nyx wants the boy to inhabit Death’s body and resume Death’s duties until the real Death can be found  or replaced. However it has to be voluntary. Free will and all.

The crutch: Death can change his/her body at will, but is currently in female form and the new recruit can’t figure out how to change more than minor things: hair, fingernails, eye color, etc. And Nyx is no help because she is on the hunt for the person responsible for the whole problem in the first place.

There you go. That’s the basic premise. Why do I care about the way the boy dies? I want to make this a mainstream story,  something that I can sell to a publisher if it’s good enough. One of the things you learn when submitting to publishers is you have to have a fantastic first chapter, especially the first few pages. It has to grab a hold and leave the reader wanting more, wanting to read the whole story. It has to be memorable and different than everyone else’s trash lines like, “It was a dark and stormy night.” I swear people still use that, or variations on that theme to open their story… like its funny. Pfft. Even used in jest, it is cliche and stupid, showing the author’s total lack of imagination.  (How’s that for honest critique?)

Hence the opening death scene. So walking into an open manhole, while funny, isn’t really memorable, and a bit cliche. I’ve received a number of responses, emails, and PM’s giving their funny and embarrassing ways to die.

You people are some sick puppies, LOL. Thank you for your ideas and I’m still looking for one that really grabs me. Erin’s idea of “Death by bra in traffic” is the leading contender.

Thanks again and feel free to leave a comment or an idea here if you wish.

Oh, just to give you a little taste of what inspired me to write theis story. Here is Angel (The Grim Reaper) from the story.20090622_brandiebliss21

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Nyx and going pro


June 20th, 2009 Posted 15:49

I’ve been talking to a few people recently. Weird, I know!

Back when I was writing fanfic I’d get the occasional, “Wow, you ought to write for a living, or You ought to go pro.”

As an author of fanfic you learn to quickly disregard these comments, because the quality of fanfic is usually so bad that when someone posts something that is actually readable, and has an actual plot instead of wish fulfillment, then the fans rave about how good you are.

It’s a good way to become complacent and stay mediocre.

Since I’ve been back in the TG scene I’ve actually stretched my imagination again. Having to make up new and semi-interesting characters made me concentrate on plot, and presentation a bit more.

Where am I going with this? Well the comments are starting to come again. Over the last month I’ve received about 20 comments from people that I respect.  “You should publish, etc.”

Keeping all of that in mind: I was having some down time. Feeling a little less creavtive today (I blame the heat). So I was pondering Nyx. For those of you that have been keeping track, Nyx is the next story in the FQ Universe, once it’s caught up (Post Ares Bane and FQ3).

As you know TG fic really isn’t mainstream unless you are a well published author.  But I figured out a way to make this story mainstream, and thought I’d give it a shot.  Novel Length, professionally done, maybe even get a couple of people to edit it (shocker I know).

I obviously can’t have it linked with the FQ universe so I’m pulling it out to a story by itself.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on starting work on it until I’m caught up with a couple of stories, but I will write notes and start compiling character profiles, plot and sub-plot trees, etc. The base parts. So we’ll see.

On the plus side I did some more work on “Do it Right”! It’s hard going for this last chapter.

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Just Because


June 17th, 2009 Posted 11:19

I was surfing for pics when I ran across this little gem. It has nothing to do with TG, but I thought it was funny. So here it is, just because.


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Ideas and Thanks


June 12th, 2009 Posted 16:05

I want to start off this with a big “thank you” to everyone that voted for Poseidon Adventure for the BCTS May Day Contest.  There were a good number of top notch stories this time around.

I won’t be participating in the Summer Contest there. I don’t think it is being full of myself to recognize that for some odd reason I am popular at the moment. Certain authors do pull in the readers, or at least the readers that actually vote. So by winning the May Day contest I’ve filled that little fount of ego that I was apparently searching for and will step aside so as not to destroy the bell curve this time around.

I’m not saying, “I’m great and can never produce crap.” I’m bound to hit a big bomb soon. It’s inevitable.

On a side note I am planning a Summer story. That little idea I had about a nobody meeting and marrying someone from the peerage. Well I figured out how to do it so it wouldn’t be idiotic sounding, me not being from England and all.

I’m making the main character American and the son of a Duke fleeing to America to avoid marrying the semi-arranged marriage that is planned for him since he’s gay. They just graduated college are going to Vegas for one last blow out. They wake up after a two day bender, married.

The funny part? It’s all perfectly legal-ish. She has all the I.D. to prove that she’s a girl. Now how did that happen?

I’m avoiding the issue of Brit-speak by not having it. The Duke’s son will be from some made up country. So I won’t have to mangle the Queen’s English and alienate all of my British readers.

Tah-dah! Problem solved.The coward’s way out… maybe, but its either draft a British writer that I respect who also respects me or look for a loop hole.

As a side note: No, I’m not starting another story. I just wrote my ideas down so when I get around to it I’ll have it ready.  I really need to get “Do It Right” finished before I start anything else or I’ll start to lose credibility.

I do have a model set up for the main character. I wanted someone who was not “model gorgeous” just someone plain, but a little bit sexy. A girl next door without being too sweet looking and possibly look a little manish.

I hope you will be pleased that the part of Abigail Weiss (the main character) will be played by Sarah Silverman pictured below. I found a number of good shots of her that will fit right into the story so it will be illustrated to a point. Here is one that I have plans for soon after transition, when she hasn’t quite got the “being a girl” down yet.

Sarah Silverman as Abigail Weiss

Sarah Silverman as Abigail Weiss

And another, just in case you can’t really tell her features from this comedic shot.

Sarah Silverman as Abigail Weiss

Sarah Silverman as Abigail Weiss

Now as you can tell, she isn’t drop dead beautiful, however in a few pis I have of her, she can clean up very nicely and look quite sexy. I’m shooting for a more realistic look since it’s a crossdressing story and not magic.

Tell me what you think!

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Meet Paris!


June 7th, 2009 Posted 05:27

I’ve already had a couple of people wanting to know what Paris looks like from Ares Bane: Nemesis. Well here you go!



Now in the story, her hair is almost bleached totally white/platinum blonde, so that’s off just a tad, but that’s her.

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Road Trip


June 4th, 2009 Posted 17:15

This Saturday I will be travelling from my current home in Hell, otherwise known as Southern Mississippi, to my old home in Houston, Texas. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been there and when I left there were a lot of changes underway.

I miss Houston, but I have family here. They’re not perfect but then again neither am I.

So if you live in or around the Greater Houston Area lean out your window around 1-2 pm and wave hi, as I’ll be waving as soon as I see the skyline I’ve missed so much.

Hopefully I’ll be finished with the Part two of Ares Bane:Nemesis by then. The more I work on it the more scenes appear. There’s just too much to make sure I include because the third and final part will be taking place in the future.

So, I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble on Westheimer to sign autographs … sorry, fantasy thinking again. I gotta stop that!

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Meet Veronica


June 3rd, 2009 Posted 20:55

I’ve been surfing around for faces to put with my character. It helps me write. What am I gonna do, right?

Anyway, here is Veronica from Ares Bane: Nememis



It’s Susan Ward, for those of you that need to know. She’s Veronica… well, maybe not in this outfit, unless Marcus gets really lucky.

The next part will be out very soon. I’m up to 10,000 words with only one more scene to finish.

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