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Help me torture Mackenzie.


July 13th, 2009 Posted 19:59

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying my best to sit down and write. However, my home has been invaded and its pretty much killed my inspiration. Every time I sit and get a great train of thought I start typing and bamb! I’m interrupted. It’s like a curse.

On the other hand, in between bouts of mental impotency  I surf around to find new story ideas and read.

I’ve got an idea for a character that found out at a young age that he/she is suffering from AIS. For those of you that don’t already know (I never assume my fans are anything but well informed, usually more so than me) AIS, for the most part are female in every way but genetic. They are XY with a complete outward appearance of female. For some reason they are tall and usually overly feminine. Some notable names include models, and historical figures. They do not have a uterus, or ovaries, only possessing a vagina and even then more often than not it’s not fully formed. They may have certain male characteristics (big hands, feet, penis, though that is usually underdeveloped as well.)

For explanation’s sake I am over-simplifying.

The story idea is a girl finds out at around age 10 that she has to have an operation to remove undecended testicles. At 13 she shoots up in height and is ridiculed so much that she decides to become male and stops taking her maitenance estogen in lue of something else, living as a guy, etc.

Eventually she gets a job as  gofer for a photography crew and gets “discovered”.  Turns into a model, etc.

Blah blah blah.

Here’s my dilemma. I’m not really into writing F to M stories. Never liked them, and that’s what this sounds like I wanted to write an Intersexed story, but to be somewhat believable  unlike so many out there that “fall in love with a guy and *poof* find out that they are intesexed, have a little operation and they are a perfect girl now.” It’s a little too fairy-tale for me.

However I really want the main character (Mackenzie) to be amazingly hot. Model hot, yanno, so the plot doesn’t fall on its face.

I don’t know enough about the different kinds(?) diagnosis (?) to make a determination about what kind to use for the story. And the girls at BC would tear me a new one if I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about when I try to explain this in the story.  AIS sounds about right, but it sounds too convenient for the story, like “Hey, she’s a girl already, where’s the gender confusion in that?”

So what I’m getting to is can someone point a finger and tell me what specific diagnosis I should be looking for to make her a guy in the beginning and still look like a hot enough girl to pull this off. I’d rather not resort to “he’s just effeminate looking” as an excuse. Realism is my goal here.

AIS seemed to be it, but still. I want to make this a struggle with lots of indecision about when he makes his choice to come out as a model. Using AIS just makes it too easy for me.



Pic that gave me the idea.


This one refined the idea.

She’s Irina Shayk for those of you that are interested.

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