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Summer Vacation Story Ideas


August 31st, 2009 Posted 17:56

For your use:

A lot of people ask me where I get my story ideas. Well, that’s an easy one. I get them from Google Images. After seeing BC:TS’s “What I Did For My Summer Vacation” contest I went there and pulled up these images for anyone to use.  I found a few for some excellent stories. First will appear the pic followed by the story plot that I came up with. Feel free to use it if you like or come up with one of your own.


The summer beach house all to myself. What were my parents thinking? Woo Hoo!!!

abraham biggs teen commits suicide on live webcam video justin tv 2

Coming out to my friends was the worst decision I ever made. (Admittedly this will be a truly depressing story. A challenge for any writer.)


“I don’t care what you have to do to get a job this summer. You will earn that new computer that you want so bad.”


Did I ever tell you how much your car sucks? Now we’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere and I’m dressed like a girl. Thanks sis.


NASCAR fan has one chance to go to the race of a lifetime, but can’t afford a single room. Maybe he can bunk with his sister and her friends?


“That’s it! I give up on those stupid salads!”


After pulling her out from in front of a car, and saving her life, a guy deserves a little reward doesn’t he? Who would have thought my first outing as a girl would land me with my best friend’s brother?


No plot or line for this one. I just love the pic. It screams for a story all its own.


A son makes his decision at the beginning of summer and mom’s not to happy.

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Trying Anything


August 22nd, 2009 Posted 17:38

Well, I posted a new story. Remember the Duchess story i was tell you all about. That one. It’s up over at BC.

I posted it to see if I can get some creative juices flowing. We’ll see if it works.

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Muse Killers are gone!!!


August 4th, 2009 Posted 10:16

Visitors are not here anymore, so I can get back to work. I’m gonna do a little reading to get back into the swing of things and hope to have something out by next week at the latest.  Sorry for the interruption.

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