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October 31st, 2009 Posted 17:14

I swear, by all that is holy and unholy, that sometimes I just don’t get why people have to one up each other all the time.  Or insult each other, or insist that their way of thinking is the only way that exists so they are always right and everyone else can go suck eggs.

What am I talking about? BCTS being shut down AGAIN for this shit. Is Erin your mother that she has to take away everybody’s toys because you can’t play nice? I’m right there with her. Four years ago I shut down my site and left the T-community for this exact reason. Some people took it upon themselves to insult someone because they don’t think the way they do.

So, the fuck, what.

You know what I go to BC for? The stories, and on occasion I might read a blog or two if it seems interesting enough. If I want to see people have at each other I would have went to another site. It’s coming to the point where Fictionmania is the place to go for civil discussion and BC if you are on the rag and want to write a little hate to get you through your worthless pathetic life.  That is saying something.

I have no idea what this round of arguing is about. However, it does not belong on BC. Not because I’m all touchy feely and  insist that everything be pollyanna, but because you are screwing with a site I enjoy, and Erin has freaking rules on how to behave if you want to participate.

Erin made up these blogs here, that I am using, for your insistence to say what you will. She gave you an outlet and still you ignore her rules. I just feel like cussing up a storm right now.  How hard is it to hold back your spiteful personality and put it somewhere that doesn’t affect the rest of us? Hmm?

I’m not posting anywhere else. If BC is down so am I. See ya.

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The Center (tentative title)


October 26th, 2009 Posted 16:30

Hey gals and guys. Just an update since I haven’t posted anything in the last week at BC.

I’ve been working on a new story tentatively titled “The Center”.

It’s my contribution to the School (Story Collections) category I started.  I posted a link to the specific post on the right side of the page for easier access to the chosen stories.

Anyway, I’ve chosen a different path for “The Center” to take than my regular stories. I normally post a chapter as I finish and edit. Most of my stories range in the 7000-10,000 words per chapter category.  “The Center” follows along the latter half of that estimate. And I’m writing a boatload before posting anything at all.

Currently I have Approx. 40,000 words written, pre-editing. So you can tack on another 1-2000 more for the final version. I planned on the first posting when I finish with 5 chapters. That should keep me way ahead of the game.

It’s coming pretty fast. I actually wrote over 9700 words in one day on this story if that tells you anything. If you’ve been following on Twitter then you already know this.

Here is Kristyn the lead from “The Center”


What about “Do it Right” Lili?

The last chapter was a new low in hits, even thought it was the culmination of a cliffhanger from the previous chapter. A week later and it still hasn’t hit 2000.  Either people are losing interest in it or It was just a fluke. Either way, I’m taking a break from that story and letting it stew for a bit. Maybe a couple more weeks.

1800 hits is still good, but I can do better, and I strive to do better with each chapter. So I could let it stew for a couple of weeks or end it. It’s at a perfect place to do the ending so it under consideration.

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T-girl High? Nah.


October 21st, 2009 Posted 08:20

I’ve started the ‘school’ story. It’s moving fairly quick. I’ll definitely have too back and fill it out a little… a little too much dialog at the moment. However I’m coming to a point where I’ll need a school name.
I was going to go with a play on words: ex: The Thomas Geurlmann School (T-Girl high), but I thought that was a bit cheesy.  I suppose I could just go with a random dictionary word or random name. Thoughts?

Suggestions wouldn’t be amiss either.

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October 19th, 2009 Posted 20:36

I have no idea why my mind is running away with yet another idea.

Somewhat well off guy is dying of cancer. Has himself cryo-freezed until cure is found.

Fast forward oh say a couple hundred years. Disreputable company takes over and has his brain/mind transferred into  a sexbot that they sell to someone influential that they want dead. It really wasn’t a sexbot, but a killer sexbot! *gasp*

She overrides the programing or there is a glitch and she’s herself/himself again.
I have no idea where I am going with this. I just looked at a comicbook cover and it jumped into my head.

If you’re curious here it is:  Aphrodite IX


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A Story idea, or Universe idea, as the case may be.


October 19th, 2009 Posted 17:01

Okay, here it is.

Going along with the school theme I have stuck in my head at the moment:

Ten to twenty years ago, whenever DNA was able to be mapped, there was a pharmaceutical company that wanted to be in the forefront of Eugenics.  Basically, designer babies. The labs were broken into by a fringe human rights activist group and they tossed the place. Computers were destroyed, the building destroyed, etc. One last and most important thing, animal test serums were poured down the drain.

The company, being as money grubbing as they were, dumped their waste into the neighboring lake/ water supply.

Down stream was a water bottling plant whose source was eventually contaminated with the dumped serums, and sent their supply out to the US and beyond.

Now years later, those women that were pregnant at the time of ingesting the tainted water have teenagers that are different than the average teen. Some have certain physical abnormalities, while others  have mental abilities. Most of the time it’s both to some degree, but in almost all cases gender has been switched.

The problems manifest themselves in degrees, mental first, physical next, and then finally gender. But before the gender switch, your government (that is purely there to help you) has been called in by the local hospitals, doctors, etc. and they kids are whisked away.

Their parents are told the kids have contracted “Deus ex machina” (I haven’t come up with a name yet) syndrome which is always fatal. The body has to be cremated, to stop the spread of the “virus”.

What is the point of all this?

Totally undocumented people that can be trained by the government for their own purposes, whatever they may be.

What are the odds that this happens to anyone out there? Not good. It’s a small school, maybe fifty kids in all, with more popping up every once in a while as they are reveled.

What are their powers/problems/etc.?

Mainly mentally based.

Astral projection, Mental projection, Empathy, Mediumship, Precognition, Psychometry, Telepathy, Astral trapping, Memory manipulation, Possession, Psionic blast, Psychic weapons, etc.

There will be physical mutations, but nothing really creepy, but totally random ex: odd colored body parts (hair, nails, etc.) unexplained rapid weight loss/gain, physical illness marked by something weird (blue sweat, or body temperature of 130 F, etc.) This is how the kids are found. They go to the doctor and *poof* they are gone.

The School:

Students are broken down into groups of four per dormitory room, mixed gender to help each other through the labors of living in the body of the opposite sex, and unknown to them to form a squad or team, as the case may be. There will be kids that room all by their lonesome for various reasons attributed to their powers, or possibly their future assignments. Assassins don’t really need to form social bonds, now do they?

They are each given a wrist device that is only able to be removed by the “Colonel” (or Principal, Headmaster, whatever). It will serve as a multi-purpose device, worst of which is most nasty if you try to leave the grounds unescorted. But for every day use, think of it like a iPhone limited to grounds use only.
The staff: For the most part, they are kind and empathetic people. They will act like every day teachers, which most of them are. But the subjects that are taught will be different than normal.

The counselors, and administration are the people that actually know what’s going on, what the true purpose of the school is.

So what do you think so far? A crock? Too much like Whateley or SPA?

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Story Collections: Schools


October 17th, 2009 Posted 12:03

Ever wanted to read a really good story with a specific theme? TG oriented, of course. If you know about some good stories and want to spread the wealth then let me know what they are.

Theme for this one is Schools.

The Center – Transformation, Intrigue – BCTS

Whateley Acadamy – Mutant High – At Crystal Hall

A New Style of Education – SPA Universe Main Story. – At BCTS

Hidden Gifts – SPA Universe a couple of years earlier – At BCTS

The Scholarship – Julie O – A scholarship program with unusual rules. – at BCTS.

Twisted – Morpheus – Virus, Mutants – At Fictionmania

Twisted Pink – Morpheus – Virus, Mutants (companion story) – at Fictionmania

The Academy – Morpheus – Magic – at Fictionmania

Merlin High: The Art of the Duel -Bek D. Corbin – Magic – at Sapphire’s

Merlin High:  Nothing but Trouble – Dr. Bender – Magic – at Sapphire’s

Boy’s School – Sarah Lynn Morgan – CD – BCTS

These are my current favorites with Hidden Gifts being at the top of the pack, in my opinion.There’s something about a school for smart, TG kids where they can be themselves, that is very attractive to me.

New Style is a little too out of character with 12-13 year olds acting and speaking like 16-17 year olds, but it is still a really good story. But there is action and a strong plot going on here, with very likable characters.  Not to mention I wish I could have gone to this school.

And Whateley, well that one pretty much speaks for itself. Ideally I would love for there to be only a small group of kids that the story follows throughout, but it’s more of a team effort. Not my taste, but a lot of people cream over every story released.

Got any that fits this category? I’d love to add them, not to mention read them.

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Twitter…it had to happen sometime.

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October 17th, 2009 Posted 11:33

Yeah, I’ve had some requests to add my updates to Twitter so the stalkers know what I’m doing 24/7. Do you really want to know how boring my life is?

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It wasn’t a fluke!


October 10th, 2009 Posted 08:28

Luckily the last posting of “Do it Right… ” wasn’t a fluke! Another 4000 words written and only 2-3000 more to go.  It’s definitely not the high powered output that I was pumping out at the beginning of the year, but if I can produce two chapters a week of anything, I’ll be happy.

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Finally ‘Doing it Right’


October 3rd, 2009 Posted 15:13

I went back to the beginning of  “Either Do it Right…” and guess what? I’m writing again. I just whipped out 2000 words and still going strong. So maybe I’ll have the next chapter out tomorrow or Monday.

What took so long with this one? I think it was because I was pushing it in a direction that wasn’t believable for the character. So, I tossed out everything I had for chapter 11  and started over toward a different direction.

I know I’m going to tick some people off with this one, at first. We left off with Denise dumping Casidhe after the Spring Fling and now she’s single again. So, I thought, what is believable for a teen girl in High School? Well, either she goes all mopey or she jumps right back into the fray.

People were always guessing about the pairings for Casidhe, each giving their reasons why she should end up with Ted, Chloe, Denise, Mark, etc. when the truth is that teens date in High School. Lots! This includes lots of different people as well. They might wind up with their true love, but most often times not.

So Casidhe will be exploring her options.

I still have a goal of hooking her up with someone specifically that she will end up with long term, but that isn’t for a while.

So, what does this mean? It means that this series isn’t ending with the next chapter like I originally intended. It will go on, and hopefully it will go on for a while. We’ll see.

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