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Can you freakin’ believe it?


November 24th, 2009 Posted 17:35

Maybe there is a higher power out there.

Today, this morning actually, there was a power surge and my surge protector decide to say ‘fuck it, no more’ and let it through, thus frying my laptop of many years. Don’t worry, I had everything backed up as of last week, so very little was lost.

I had to use a public computer to send out a few emails notifying some people just in case I didn’t make it back for awhile. So, I didn’t leave a message here, BC, etc. for obvious reasons.

Family failed to help me out, and right when I was in preparation for Hari Kari, I received a call saying that I had email and it was urgent. So off I went to the place I go…

A mysterious benefactor that wants to remain unnamed, isn’t that always the case, notified me to go out and pick up a new laptop and he would pay for it.

After cleaning up my bladder leakage, from peeing myself,  I was off to Best Buy. I am now the very happy happy owner of a very nice brand spanking new Dell Studio laptop.

To the mysterious benefactor: Words cannot express how much what you did for me today meant. I could sit here a gush, but it would never be enough. To know that there are people out there that are as generous as you are gives me hope for the future of this world. You have made a big difference in my life. I know you don’t want to be gushed over and you did it out of the goodness of your very big heart, but I’m gushing anyway. As per your request, as I was doing so anyway, I promise to finish “The Center”, and write the Christmas Cho-Ri story.

So, there is the public announcement that baring any new hurricanes popping up (which apparently isn’t out of the question) it will be completed.

For those of you that are interested, I also promised to write a story with a plot given to me by the benefactor. Once I get the details worked out I’ll let you know the synopsis.

Yes, little Billy, there are good, thoughtful, and generous people in this world.

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Much Ado


November 22nd, 2009 Posted 23:39

(shaking head) Another meltdown is happening at the old stomping grounds.  Which always reminds me why I left FM in the first place. The hate-filled abuse that it lobbed around without a care in the world and nobody doing anything about it.

The fuss? A story with a child rape scene masked as a set up for TG plotline.

The solution? Scream bloody murder until it’s removed.

The fallout? Call the people that say it’s censorship, pedophiles.

Was it censorship, yep. Was it justified, yep. Was it preventable, yep. Do both sides in the argument have a valid reason for their statements, mostly.

The problem is that FM has no set standards for submission, other than the story has to be TG.  That’s fine and dandy. It’s their site and they can run it as they see fit. But when someone comes along and submits a story that someone doesn’t like, for whatever reason, then they shouldn’t post it then pull it because of public scrutiny.

Set a standard and live by it. If you are going to change that standard then change it, and let people know why, or at the very least let people “know”.  I say this because the story was pulled and that was it.*poof* end of story… only it wasn’t the end.

I’m not and never will be a proponent of pedophilia in any media. If there has to be a child rape scene in a story then it will be behind closed doors and only referenced as something that happened in the past, and the bad guy or girl summarily killed in a most gruesome manner.


A: “I was raped as child.”

B: “That’s awful!”

A: “Don’t worry he won’t be doing it again, as I stabbed him 432 times with an ice pick soon after.”


That’s about as graphic a child rape scene would be if I every wrote one.

The problem now is the aftermath at FM. People are sniping at each other in a most unruly fashion as they did when I left. The facts are that the Supreme Court allows pretty much anything to be written, even scenes such as the one described within the story in question. There is even a book written buy a famous author; it’s called Lolita. I think the author is Russian. I dunno and don’t really care. There is a movie based off the book. Plot? old guy bangs young girl. It’s legal here in the US, like it or not.

Don’t like it? Have the law changed. But be prepared for the consequences, because sites like FM will be shut down very soon thereafter. Why? Because some people think that being TG and writing about it equates to raping children. I shit you not. I’ve seen it first hand so I know it’s true.

Am I defending the guy/girl that wrote the story? No.  They wrote it, they should be the one that takes the heat for their work.

I’m blaming the idiots that don’t see what they are doing. If FM wants to post stories and then pull them, then make a policy that says you won’t accept those kinds of stories. Post it the policy so everyone knows it’s changed. Very simple very easy. Then stamp down and end the stupid bickering and name calling that drives your contributors away.

“But, Lili, it doesn’t drive anyone away.”

It drove me away. Did anyone whine, complain, or object to me leaving and pulling my stories? Nope. I was even vilified after I left. Said that I was a spoiled brat, taking my ball and running home. All because I stood up for an author that was being abused because she didn’t want to have her stories edited. She was being abused in the comment section and the board, called all sorts of names, insulted in every way imaginable, by every troll, and a number of “well thought of” authors there… much like what is starting to happen to the people crying censorship right now.

“Well good riddance to bad rubbish. One author gone won’t make a difference in the long run.”

Exactly, keep thinking that way.

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More news.


November 18th, 2009 Posted 07:36

The Center is moving along. No worries.

Just got word back last night. The author I am working with for the anthology really likes the last draft I sent of the story.  He actually suggested for me to write something else for the anthology, and then go back and turn the short story into a novel.

I squeeed again.

I have time though. If I’m turning this into a novel then I want to do it right, with a nice outline so I don’t produce any gaping plot holes.  So, I’ll do that between episodes of my stories.

I’m taking the morning off to go out and see the sun, maybe get some early Christmas shopping done.

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Cho, The Money Project, and Ladyboys


November 14th, 2009 Posted 13:59

Now this is more like it!

The latest Cho-Ri story garnered much less than expected since the overwhelming response I received on the first one.
I was expecting “I Am Like Water” to be the bomb, but it was the opposite. I still received a few really nice comments and a decent amount of hits, but it’s already hit the skids.

I’m still going to write at least one more for a Christmas story, and then close the project if it doesn’t do any better.

On the writing for money front! I’m about halfway through with my story and submitted the first portion for plot acknowledgment. If they okay it, I’ll finish the story and maybe be ready by week’s beginning to continue writing on the Center!

I’m also thinking about writing something a little risque. While I had planned on a threeway romp in the Cho-Ri storyline, I think it would be best to stay away from that, considering the plot. It would seem a little … off for that type of story.

Instead I’m thinking about a story in Thailand.  Guy goes to have SRS. Gets a six month visa, gets apartment, starts on the surgery. But before the final cut, he’s told that his final check bounced. He contacts his bank and his accountant ran off with all of his money. So now he’s virtually broke, and in a foreign country. What will he do for money, a job, etc.

It’s a major departure from my usual work, but I’m thinking he becomes a bargirl/ladyboy to earn money for his final surgery and  then a return ticket to the states. During the course of the story (after a month or three of his indoctrination) he meets up with a businessman and becomes his “girlfriend” because the man doesn’t want to let his client know he’s gay. (maybe)

The prostitute with a heart of gold, or the prostitute that loves her job, angle is overused, but I might be able to shed a little newness. Maybe a prostitute that doesn’t really like what she’s doing but sees the necessity of the job and makes the best of a horrible situation.

I don’t plan on making this glamorous or particularly sleazy, but realistic. I found a pretty nice PDF of the ladyboy scene that has been a wonderful source of information.

Am I now going to stay in the Asian TG fiction market, No. But I never really got to where I wanted to get with Cho-Ri, so this will make up for it, and purge the porn from my mind. I don’t plan on it being a stroke fic, but some might gather a little enjoyment from the experience of reading it.

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Catagory: ‘Holy Crap, Batman!’


November 12th, 2009 Posted 12:57

If you heard a really high pitched sound or maybe your dog started barking… that was me Sqeeeeeing.

A published author (published by a decent publishing house) that I have been on decent terms with for the last year just emailed me and wants to include one of my stories in an anthology that he’s making. The publisher has already given the okay on the project and I need to mainstream a story, I dunno which one yet.

He knows that I want to enter into mainstream and is cutting me a break, basically.

I’m not going to hex it by giving out too many details until I get the thumbs up or down. But still… I was like, SQUEEEEEE!

How did this happen?

His publisher wants him to try his hand at Teen Books since they are where the money is to be made as of late. He wrote it from a girl’s prospective and since I’m one of two girls (wink) that he knows, he wanted to get my opinion about whether it sounded like he knew what he was talking about, girlwise.

I gave him advice he really liked and it all kind of snowballed from there.

I know its not like my own book or anything, but it’s me shoving my foot in the door, and trying to wedge the sucker open.

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Hurricane Ida


November 9th, 2009 Posted 17:15

Just in case everyone forgot, I live in Mississippi. They are now projecting the hurricane to pass directly over my house. Isn’t that nice.

Don’t worry, it’s a mild one. So maybe we might lose power for a short time. More likely I’ll lose satellite signal, so that will knock me off line. If I don’t show up for a few days, that’s why. I live in a very secure house. So, I’m safe.

[rant]The thing that ticked me off? When the guys on the Weather Channel this morning said “All eyes are on New Orleans.” Uh, screw New Orleans. Their problems were self made. Biloxi and Gulfport were the ones totally destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and everyone whines about New Orleans being flooded again.

Mississippi barely got a mention on the national news. Even with the 32 foot tidal waves washing away everything for a mile inland. They don’t mention that on their channel. It’s all about the poor idiots that stayed behind in N.O when they knew a Cat 5 hurricane was coming to kick their ass and were told to get out. [/rant]

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After The Center.


November 7th, 2009 Posted 11:25

Since I’m approaching the end of “The Center”, and since I have a raging migraine today (That means I can’t concentrate long enough to write well) I’ve been pondering what to write next.

I went back and looked at the unfinished lot. Meh, not right now.

With Jason’s desire to become a Vietnamese girl in “The Center” I thought about how there aren’t really a whole lot of “other” races in TG fic. Most ‘cultural change’ wind up being black or mexican.

I think I’m going to go with Korean. Once I decided that, I went pic hunting and found Lee Hyo Ri, a fabulously cute and sexy Korean Britney Spears. SHe had a billion pics to choose from and I found this.


Now, if her clothes weren’t so stylish, I would have thought, Asian prostitute. So, how could I get around that?

Here’s the premise:

A 16 year old boy who’s parents would not let him be a Kathoey (sounds better than ladyboy) isn’t where he’s supposed to be and witnesses something. I’m thinking maybe a high ranking South Korean official that is meeting with a North Korean big wig. They spot him and he makes a break for it. He knows if he goes back to his home then his family is dead.

South Korea is a big freight ship builder. One of the newest models is launching from the harbor and with all the hubbub going on our hero/ine is able to stow away.

It’s a gigantic ship so there is always a place to hide. Two weeks into the voyage he is discovered, by the captain, while he’s stealing food. Bad captain makes him his cabin boy. Except the boy doesn’t mind. He thinks it’s a great way to learn English, and is delighted that he finally gets to be who he’s always wanted to be, a Kathoey.  He passes very well so the other crew members don’t think the Captain is too much of a perv.

Over a year at sea and the Cho-ri (her new name) is fairly fluent in English, and is officially too old looking for the Captain. So, when they are docked in a major American city he makes arrangements for his former cabin girl. Set’s her up with an apartment, food, she can take her clothes, and enough cash for her to live for a few months while she finds a job.

All of this is the first chapter. I really don’t like the idea of adults taking advantage like that, even if the kid is willing, even if its still within the age of consent for her.

Being a sales girl in a local Korean market.(most big cities have these), lets her ends meet. Maybe a romance. I’m definitely going lesbian with this one. It’s been a while.

Nothing much else. Just a romance story.


Have a crossdressing guy wanting a Tattoo to show off when he’s out and about en femme. He was always fascinated by the detailed inks of the local Korean community. He goes down and asks around for the best, and winds up being referred to  monastery deep within the community where monks supposedly do magical ‘protection’ tattoos, and the like. (This really exists, ask Angelina Jolie where she got the tiger tattoo on her back.)

Well she goes, all dressed up, to the Monks and they are more then welcome to provide her a tattoo. She chooses an eum-yang (Yin-Yang in Korean) with the “Mother of all Creation” name inside.

The monk warns her against that since it is a symbol of change and balance, and not always for the good. Of course she doesn’t believe in that woo-woo stuff.

Slow cultural change over a month’s time, ending in a romance and relationship. I haven’t written any erotica in quite some time so I’m thinking a threesome with a boy and girl involved since the Yin-Yang and “the Mother of all Creation” is all about Balance in all things. Here is the pic I would use for that story.


Which story would you chose?

Other nice pics I might use… for your entertainment.





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