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Is it intellectual theft or just apathy? A warning to StorySite Authors.


February 13th, 2010 Posted 00:42

I would really rethink any plans you have of posting to Crystal’s storysite or sending them money, well that is unless you really don’t care about theft of intellectual property anything to worry about. Read the following board statements to find out why.


Back in 2003 I asked to have my stories removed. The author’s page was taken down instead.

In 2004 I asked again.

It’s 2010. Seven years later. Still here.

This was asked in Email and on the board.

Removing the author pages does nothing, since the stories are still accessible. How do I know? I’m still getting hits and comments sent to me. Wow! What exactly does it take to have them removed? The, “I have to do this one thing (fix a server issue, fix a programming issue, wait for work to slow down, etc) and then I can get to it,” excuse has worn thin.

I’ve really tried to be nice about this. Several times. Please, for the last time, remove the stories.

After someone asked where I was posting I returned this.


All you have to do is go to the “search section of this site” and type in Heather Sinclair in the Google search and *poof* there they are.

That’s what has me so annoyed.

I’m writing under a different name now.


Or you could simply go to :*/htyp://

and read all of the stories every posted on StorySite. Deleting them from StorySite’s database doesn’t delete them from the internet. Anything posted on the net is going to be around forver (or at least as ‘forver’ as we can imagine). However, when the core system work is done, any stories that don’t have an author page to ‘anchor’ them will disappear from StorySite. They will only live on in other archive sites after that time.


Whether or not an archive has the stories is not the issue. The issue is I requested that these stories be removed seven years ago and all I get is “They will be deleted when (insert excuse/problem/whatever)”

I’m sorry, but that’s not an acceptable excuse any longer. As we have been reminded time and again, for various reasons, you are working on coding the site and haven’t got an estimate when this will be done. So another seven years could go by and you’d still be within your self imposed non-existent time limit.

I think seven years is more than enough time to delete a handful of stories. I’ve asked nicely several times. I’m done doing that now. Remove the stories.

Someone that can’t spell very well:

: She has there well reamin as long as people have links to it form there sites


Nope, not true. Here is the link for a random story of mine.

That tells me that this story is accessible from not a random archive site.


That’s an address, not a link.


It’s very nice to see that you are so glib about the authors that submit their stories to this site. So, let me see if I have this correct. Author’s submit their stories. You put these neat little copyright symbols on every story page, reinforcing that the story is theirs, then when they want you to stop showing their stories, you show them anyway?

If this was a single oversight I’d let it go, but I’ve contacted you a number of times over this and am always brushed aside with one excuse or another.

Your ethics really have slipped, Crystal. I had my doubts, but you’re proving me wrong. Nice.

So after this I can only conclude that Crystal does not take me seriously and is intentionally stealing my stories via apathy?  Are there any other conclusions that can be derived from this that I am missing?

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Stories update


February 11th, 2010 Posted 13:42

Just so you’ll know where I’m sitting on various projects:

Sangria 5 – 5057 words of approx 12000

Do it Right 16 – 3098 words of approx 7000

Center 9 – 4544- words of approx 10000

Royalty 3 – 2011 words of approx 10000

Cho-Ri  3 – 5888 words of approx 10000

Untitled Twisted universe story-     27,347 words of approx 30000

By Fire and S.W.O.R.D. (BTVS story)  26,180 words of approx 50000

New story I talked about yesterday. – 4380 words of approx 10000 (I wrote the beginning so I wouldn’t lose the idea, so it will sit on hold, as is, for a while.)

Knowing Yourself Challenge with Teddi Aldonetti – 103,182 words out of ??? maybe 150,000 (Unknown at this time.)

I know you all have your favorites that I should complete first, but it will come when it comes.

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February 10th, 2010 Posted 17:31

FM has been taken off line. The following is a note sent to someone on behalf of the TF.

No one has commented on that, but since this afternoon (CET) FM was
disconnected by the current provider. The notification note was sent a
minute before end of the providers office hours and so far no one has
responded on the question for the reason and the request of reconnection.


I swear I had nothing to do with it. Remember, I’m lazy. Doing something about it would require me not to be lazy. That just ain’t gonna happen. Perhaps someone was soured about how the pedo thing worked out on one side or the other.

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Men, Women… what’s the difference


February 9th, 2010 Posted 16:44

Just a idea I thought of. I probably won’t be doing it, but I thought it was funny.


“Hello, Nutrasystem? I want to lose some weight as fast as possible. Start me up on your best plan!”


One month later:

Dammit, I should of read the package! Nutrasystem for Women? There’s a difference?

Yeah, um, I got that from watching a commercial. Perhaps I should stop watching TV.

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And another site down the toilet…


February 9th, 2010 Posted 14:31

Crystal has finally resurfaced and basically shot the finger at those people that actually had a conscious.

I paraphrase (visit the site if you want to read her diatribe)

“To those of you who object to pedo stories being on Crystals, adios, don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you leave. Nobody cares about your opinion or your morals and you will be forgotten in a short time, drifting off in the ether.”
Well you get your wish, Crystal. Adios.

By the way, Anyone that thinks that she’ll actually delete your stories are sadly mistaken. Back in “2003” when I was writing under a different name, I requested several times that she delete my stories. Wasn’t done, 2004 came along I requested again. 2005 came along and I requested again, this time with a Board post as well. I was ignored. Now it’s 2010 and they are still there. Crystal says that she’ll get to it when she’s able. LOL Whatever!  Seven years! and she still hasn’t gotten to it.

Adios indeed.

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Gah! Braincramp


February 9th, 2010 Posted 13:10

I have had a two day ongoing migraine. It makes writing somewhat difficult, but I’ve still gotten 4000 words written, ha! Screw you Mr. Migraine!

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any caffeine or energy drinks in more than 48 hours. That’s probably it.  Must… go… to… store…

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Deborah Ford’s “The Hotel Transform”


February 7th, 2010 Posted 15:41

Deborah Ford has moved her stories from FM to this new link

I hope she does well.

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Another FM Update.


February 6th, 2010 Posted 21:44

Another Update:

I did as I said I would and deleted my link to FM. But then I received an email to check out the board again for something I might find amusing.

It’s been bandied about that “Two” authors decided to leave about a week or so ago, I guess. It had been repeated a number of times. Only two authors over and over. Of course the more vocal of them Deborah, has been attacked for “attacking” the TF and insulting the sterling reputation of FM as of late. (This was all BS since Deborah just wanted her stories taken off. No insults were originally used.)

But now, BAMB! they are dropping like flies. People with a conscious are abandoning the floundering ship. Now it’s not just TWO but about seven or eight. (I didn’t actually count. Rough guesstiment.)

Do I think this is funny? Not particularly. It’s sad to see a, once award winning, site like this sink under its own pride. Do I think that FM will falter and sink into nothing. Nope. I think it will turn into a modern day “Nifty” where the worst of the worst go to post their unreadable masturbatory fantasies.

Oh Wait! Too late.

And a notice to Crystal. It’s already starting on your place too. Grab your scraper and get rid of the barnacles, girl, before it’s too late for you too.

I’ve been hearing so many calls out that say something along the lines of. “It’s fiction, not reality. Does this mean that we start ‘censoring’ stories with murders, bank robberies, etc. next?”

The slippery slope does not apply here.  It’s a matter of realistic association. Which would you rather be: the best selling author of the latest murder mystery or pedo writer? It’s a matter of WILLINGLY associating yourself with those that choose the latter. That’s why the authors are pulling out. That’s why FM is regarded in some circles as “The Sewage Plant”.

I posed a question for you last time, about justifying your association with potential child molesters. Here’s another.

Your babysitter, that takes care of your eight year old just found these stories online. How would you feel knowing that he/she reads these for entertainment?

It’s just fiction after all. I’m sure your child will be just fine in their hands.

Gah, no more. I’m done with this subject. If you change I’ll be the first to say bravo, if not…

No more clogging up valuable blog space with this subject.

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FM meltdown… again.


February 2nd, 2010 Posted 21:46

Since I’ve already commented once on the child-porn stories at FM I thought I’d add another thought to the thread.

Another blow up — they seem to be increasing in frequency as of late — at FM over child rape (and the child like it, mind you) stories. There are those screaming FIRST AMENDMENT!!! (Even though the servers are supposed to be in Canada, no verification there so don’t take my word for it, and Canada, last time I looked wasn’t part of the US. Is it? AND written CP is against the law there. Imagine that!

Anyway long story short. Those of you that defend the decision to post this crap, ask yourself this question:

Would I like my parents, or children to know that I support stories that glorify the rape of small children? Imagine trying to explain that one to little eight year old Timmy after he was raped by his uncle. “Oh it’s okay Timmy. It’s our first amendment right to support this.” I’m sure that will make him feel a whole lot better.

The same could be said about TG fiction. While there would be an amount of embarrassment from being outted to whomever, I’d certainly pick dressing up in skirts to this CP sickness.

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Annoying Email


February 2nd, 2010 Posted 13:00

As those of you that are keeping abreast of the situation can tell, I’m going through a Whateley thing at the moment. Four stories entitled Sangria:… have been posted at BCTS and the Whateley forums. this may make some of you upset, mad, happy, or in between. Well, what can I say…

I’m writing, that’s what’s important to me. I haven’t abandoned a single one of the 5 (I think) stories that I have in process. I have worked on all of them. they are just coming slow.

I’ve been receiving emails, comments, etc. that I “never” finish anything. Huh. I’m probably not taking into account that all those people are reading only one or two of my stories and to heck with the rest because they don’t fall into the reader’s preferred genre.

So here’s a list of stories that are finished


It was Fate

Faerie Queen for Life

FQ: The Consequences of Earth Magic

The Poseidon Adventure

Resident ShEvil

The Exception to the Rule

Life is Hard, Then You Nap

My Hero

I am Like Water

The Calm of My Stream

Sangria: 1 & 2

Let’s see, that equals 13 finished stories. Now for the unfinshed.

Do it Right (Series)


Ares Bane

Royalty Consists not in Vain Pomp

The Center

That equals 5

Plus one story that was a challenge: Knowing Yourself; and one that I am currently writing: Sangria:Rubber meets the road.

13+5+1=1= 20

5 unfinished and 15 others

Yeah, I “never” finish anything. I’m getting really tired of hearing about it.

I’ve got a “Twisted” story that’s pushing 30,000 words that I’m not releasing due to this. It’s not quite finished, but very close.

I’ve got a BTVS/Marvel Comics story that’s over 30,000 words that I’m not releasing due to this. It’s a story in progress.

I’ve got a story that was a challenge response from Teddi Aldoenneti that we were working on. I’m supposed to finish that one. It’s well over 100,000 words at the moment, but I’m not posting that due to this. So, consider it a work in progress.

All of these ideas aren’t seeing the light of day because I don’t want to annoy my readers with something else to read while I get my shit together. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to quit writing or anything stupid like that. I just needed to vent, so I can get on with my writing.

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