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The Center: Universe


July 23rd, 2010 Posted 13:44

Um, wow! I’m stunned by the number of authors that have added stories to The Center.

The Center by Me (Canon)

Taking Wing by Drakira

Guardian by Korran Weaver

Magic Tricks by Me (Canon)

Shit Happens by Maggie Finson (Canon)

The Syndicate: Darkest Before the Dawn by Enemyoffun (Canon)

Face of the Enemy by Enemyoffun (Canon)

Weight Problem by Enemyoffun

Patient Zero by Starbuck

Off Center by Me (Canon)

Cloak & Ageis by Crescent Pulsar

Smells by Jennifer Sue

Crossroads by (Matt)VeryZenn (Canon)

Best Served Cold by Enemyoffun (Canon)

Christmas Comes Once a Year by Enemyoffun (Canon)

(FYI: Only completed stories are considered for canon.)

(Side note: If I’ve forgotten your story by accident then please contact me and I’ll put it up.)

I never really thought that it would be as big as it is. I spent most of last night emailing three additional authors that seem pretty passionate about doing their own as well.

I can only say thanks everyone. You’re making the story really come alive.

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A Full Stories Update. On Everything.


July 10th, 2010 Posted 15:37

Finished stories:

1. A Girl Like Mom Used to Be

2. Samplings of the Population

3. Terra: Between a Rock and… Another Rock

4. To Dream the American Dream

5. FQ: For Life

6. FQ: The Consequences of Earth Magic

7. The Poseidon Adventure

8. Ares Bane

9. The Thorn in Ares Side: Cassandra

10. Indistinguishable

11. It Was Fate

12. Life Is Hard Then You Nap

13. My Hero

14. Passion and Purpose

15. Passion and Purpose 2: Unexpected Things

16. I Am Like Water

17. The Calm of My Stream: Tales of Cho-Ri

18. The Center

19. The Exception to the Rule

Unfinished – Not Abandoned                                 Progress

1.  Either Do it Right…                                                    Stalled

2. Royalty Consists Not in Vain Pomp                          Rewrite of chapter 3

3. Sangria: Where the Rubber Meets the Road            75% complete

4. What Transpires at Night                                          Stalled

5.  A Paradise of Fools Conclusion                                 33% Complete

Stalled means that I don’t want to write anymore until I get inspired to do so. If I write more just so that can may post something for you to read, it will be crap. I don’t post crap… or I try not to anyway. 🙂

Projects in the works: (Other than those posted above)

Cho-Ri 3 – A Christmas Story

FQ3 – The exposure of the Faeries

FQ4- The Finale Crossover

Comic Retcon’s: Thor.

Comic Retcon: A second story arc with Mercury, Domino, Venom, one other undecided.

Passion and Purpose 3: The wedding.

By Fire and Sword: Buffy TG Fic

Twisted: Birds of Prey

Center 2: Six Months Later

First Daughter: The Adopted TG  Daughter of the President

Pixie: A TG Veronica Mars

Resurrection: Monster Hunting

This is the way it works behind the scenes. Every day I get up and peruse the list of ToDo’s and decide on what inspires me, then I work on it. It’s that simple. That’s why I have such a big ToDo list, so I’ll always be working on something. As you can tell from the large Completed Fics List, I have a fairly good track record for finishing stories that I have let sit for a while. I have not abandoned anything, nor do I intend to.

The only way to get me to work on something exclusively is to pay me. I do this for free and it takes up A LOT of my time. I do this because I love to write, so it’s not a chore and I’m not bitching about all the work I have to do. I’m just saying you get what you pay for. So, please don’t comment about current stories like this: “I like this story, but I’d really like to see you update “Insert story title here” because that’s better.”

It’s basically saying this to me: “I really wish you’d quit writing other crap and concentrate only on what I want, because you’re really annoying me by doing so, and the story you just posted isn’t worth me actually commenting on. Sorry you went through all that work for nothing.”

It’s kind of insulting. Just sayin’

Thank you for your attention.


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July 6th, 2010 Posted 22:42

Just Ugh. Nerves. People. On. Them. ARGH!

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